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Looking for 1st year 10U team for Daughter
by Cara Guebara on 2/15/2017

Looking for a first year 10U team.  My daughter is an experienced player and can manage any position but is best on first base or short stop.  I would prefer the team have several other experienced players.

by Rick Hancock on 2/5/2017

Second year 12U team returning to TRYC.  Half of our team is moving up this season, while the other half is staying down.  Formally with INFERNO, right now I am only seeking an experienced pitcher and an additional catcher.  We plan to play a couple local ASA tournaments and we will be starting practices this weekend, 2/18/2017.   Contact Rick Hancock for a tryout, 316-648-5024 or email to:  

14U team looking for players
by Marsha Fisher on 1/30/2017


INFERNO is a returning team moving up to the 14U age group.  We are looking to add a pitcher, backup catcher and several other positions.  If you are a strong player with a coachable attitude and a willingness to learn and improve skills needed to be on a fun, but competitive team then please contact us.  We will also be playing in several area tournaments, but no overnight hotel stay will be required. For more information and tryout schedule, please contact Marsha Fisher at or call/text (316) 617-4878.

Catcher/Utility Player looking for 10U team
by Jessica Tarpley on 1/18/2017

My daughter is a 07 birthday.  She is hard working, has a great attitude, and a heart of gold.  We are currently looking for a team for Spring/Summer 17.  She primarily plays catcher and can play as a utility player if needed.  Please contact me at 928-919-4399 or

1st Year 10U team
by Central Elite on 1/16/2017

We are putting together a 1st Year 10U team to play TRYC League and some local tournaments.  Contact us today! or 316-200-3111.



Wichita Mustangs 8u
by Wade Seymour on 1/10/2017

The Wichita Mustangs have open roster positions for 8u teams. 2nd year team has multiple  open positions and we are looking to add an entire first year team as well if there is enough interest.  Contact coach Wade for a tryout.


Looking for an opening on 2nd year 8u or 1st year 10u team
by Leeann Banick on 12/30/2016

My daughter's team isn't staying together this summer, so we are looking for a team. We prefer a 2nd year 8u team or first year 10u team. Thanks!

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